new Build Pre-Wire


The foundation of good design is the installation of a structured wiring system. Because wire is relatively cheap, but opening up existing walls to add additional wire is expensive, the ultimate, future-proof design strives to place non-intrusive “data” or media access ports on several walls in each room of the house. This way a clean media connection can be made regardless of how the decorations of the room change over time or even if the main purpose of the room changes. With these connections economically installed during construction, there is no need to run new wiring through existing walls, along the walls, or under carpets. New construction also allows for the cost of the whole house media system to be folded into the price of the overall project.

A central placement of a hub manages the interconnections between rooms and provides a place to centrally store all of the digital content. The placement of a Media Centre PC or storage device at the hub means that each member of the family can access any of their data or media from any room where there is a television or PC. Aside from allowing anyone to access, this centralization also makes everything easier to manage. Most homeowners have their content scattered across many devices but a central hub not only allows you to listen to your CDs throughout the house but it ensures that all your important files, songs, and data can be easily protected from viruses, power surges, or equipment failures.

New construction also allows for the optimal design of the Home Theatre. The correct placement of the speakers within the room can have a tremendous effect on the overall sound quality and impact of the viewing experience. The flexibility of being able to design the Home Theatre from the ground up not only allows for correct speaker placement but also eliminates unwanted sound reflections and bright spots. This ensures that every seat in the room can enjoy the best possible experience.